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Myanmar Banking & Payments Conference
2nd Myanmar Manufacturing Summit 2016

နကၡတ္ေဗဒင္ ရႁေထာင့္ဴမင္ကၾင္း (၂၂.၄.၂၀၁၉ မႀ ၂၈.၄.၂၀၁၉ အထိ)

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Open tender for "Delivery Services, Construction Bridges and Box Culvert" in Yangon
Open tender for the following works in Yangon
Open tender for working "the Landfill Operation" and purchase of "Locomotive Spare Parts, Rubber Pad, and other things" in Yangon
Open tender for sales of "Barrels and Lubricant" in Yangon
Open tender for sales of " Gas Cutting Mild Steel Scrap and Coil Spring Scrap" in Mandalay
Open tender for purchase of "Petroleum H.S.D" in Yangon
Open tender for "purchase of Road Stones, construction 1-story building, construction brick drain, Property Fencing and other works" in Yangon
Open tender for "rent of Building and Plot of Land for 5 years" in Mon State
Open tender for "Construction Retaining Wall, Producing F.D Clip Concrete Sleeper, Construction Box Culvert Bridge, and others in Yangon
Open tender for the following items in Yangon
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