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Myanmar Banking & Payments Conference
2nd Myanmar Manufacturing Summit 2016

နကၡတ္ေဗဒင္ ရႁေထာင့္ဴမင္ကၾင္း (၇.၁၀.၂၀၁၉ မႀ ၁၃.၁၀.၂၀၁၉ အထိ)

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Open tender for " Construction of 3 Staff Housings with car parking and installation Transformer " in Kyauk Tan Tar tsp in Yangon
Increasing for Tender " closing date " for sale of 8 Warehouses
Open tender for rent of " restaurant and photographing industry " in Yangon Economic University
Open tender for sales of " 8 Ware Houses " in Hle Ku tsp in Yangon
Open tender for sales of " 8 Ware Houses " in Hle Kuu tsp in Yangon
Open tender for " Services of Office 365 Modern Collaboration with email & Microsoft Team "
Open tender for rent of " Application Vendor for Implementing Management Information System to send Real-Time by online "
Open tender for purchase of " Office Machines and Office Equipment " to be used in Training Center
Open tender for purchase and installation " Computer and Related things "
Open tender for " Rent of the old building" in the Thar Kay Ta tsp in Yangon division
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