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Myanmar Banking & Payments Conference
2nd Myanmar Manufacturing Summit 2016

နကၡတ္ေဗဒင္ ရႁေထာင့္ဴမင္ကၾင္း (၂၂.၄.၂၀၁၉ မႀ ၂၈.၄.၂၀၁၉ အထိ)

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Open tender for "14 kinds of Constructions" in Dawei in Tanin Thari Division
Open tender for rent of "Motor Vehicle to carry Machines, Medicines and Consumables" in Yangon
Open tender for construction"Office/House and Staff house",and "Landfill operation" in Mandalay
Open tender for construction Department of Health and Staff Housing in Kayar State
Open tender for purchase of the following kinds of Medical Things in 100-bed General Hospital(Thar Kay Ta) in Yangon
Open tender for purchase of Medicines,X-ray film and Reagent and Consumables including Oxygen in Thingangyun general hospital in Yangon
Open tender for construction in Magway
Open tender for purchase of Consumables to be used in Blood Bank in Yangon
Open tender for purchase of Medicines,Reagent,X-ray film and Consumables in Myitkyinar General Hospital
Open tender for purchase of medicines and the things for laboratory use
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